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Professional chefs and meat crafting hobbyists agree that dry aging with UMAi Dry is the secret to a tender and flavorful steakhouse dining experience at home.

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Perfect for your holiday charcuterie platter!

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Separate & Conquer You are all familiar with ridiculously named VacMouse® vacuum aid strips ("a tiny space only a mouse can get through..."). These are the "secret sauce" of making UMAi Dry® work with your typical home vacuum sealer. Before VacMouse®, you had to use either a commercial chamber sealer (your butcher has one, as do meat processing plants) or a bizarre snorkel-style vacuum sealer to apply UMAi Dry®. In 2012, the invention and release of VacMouse® was a huge game changer for both our company and the meat loving world. The multilayer vacuum aid strip compatible with UMAi Dry® made it possible to use a...

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