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Create traditional Charcuterie in your standard home refrigerator, safely and easily, with UMAi Dry.

The unique UMAi Dry breathable membrane creates a perfect dry-curing environment for the old world charcuterie--no cave required!

UMAi Dry offers these products to help you craft amazing dry cured meats eight at home:

Charcuterie Kit

Most Popular starting point--complete with enough UMAi Dry material for five various charcuterie projects. Includes 2 Large and 3 Small bags, Instacure #2 Curing Salt, Juniper Berries,  recipes and weight tracking labels.

    Large Charcuterie (8"x18" or 200x450mm)

    Perfect for capicola, rolled pancetta, lonzino, lomo, or prosciuttini. Includes 3 Large, VacMouse vacuum aid strips, recipes and weight tracking labels.

      Small Charcuterie (10"x12" or 250x275mm)

      Right-sized for smaller coppa, duck prosciutto, guanciale, bresaola, cured salmon or mojama. Includes 3 Small, VacMouse vacuum aid strips, recipes and weight tracking labels

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