Easy Capicola Making Kit

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Everything you need to make 5 lbs of world-class Capicola/Coppa right in the comfort of your home refrigerator. Just add meat!


  • 3 UMAi Dry Large Charcuterie: Size: 8x18 in / 200x450 mm
  • 5 UMAi VacMouse adapter strips for channel-type vacuum sealers
  • Capicola Charcuterie Spice Blend for 5 lbs of meat
  • Premixed Curing Salts Blend
  • Instruction booklet and Recipe Collection

Who doesn't love capicola? You don't have to be Italian to enjoy a few slices of melt-in-your-mouth "gabagool." If you are Italian, you might remember an uncle or grandfather curing the meat in the spring and hanging the homemade capicola in the cellar to dry. Spring was often the only season to cure capicola as the temperature and humidity of root cellars and caves in the Old Country was. They would make enough capicola to enjoy year round.

One UMAi Dry Easy Capicola Kit helps you make up to five pounds of capicola. With the Kit, you skip the math, do not need a scale, and do not need to buy or blend the half-dozen spices needed for a traditional capicola recipe. Our Easy Charcuterie Kits include three UMAi Dry Charcuterie Large bags and one packet each of the Premixed Curing Salts Blend and Capicola Spice Blend--each perfectly formulated for five pounds of meat. Times might not be as simple today as they were in the "old days" but this capicola making kit offers a simple way recreate old world flavors in the comfort of your own home.

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