Easy Basturma Making Kit

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Easy Basturma Making Kit

  • Save $31!
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Basturma is beef charcuterie similar to bresaola in Italy and cecina in Spain. With a richly spiced coating, basturma is an ideal winter meat crafting project.  Originally created in Armenia over 1000 years ago, Basturma is a charcuterie with a long, long history. To craft this richly spicy charcuterie, all you need is 5 lb of beef eye of round and this kit. 


  • 3 UMAi Dry Large Charcuterie: Size: 8x18 in / 200x450 mm
  • 5 UMAi VacMouse adapter strips for channel-type vacuum sealers
  • Basturma Charcuterie Spice Blend for 5 lbs of meat
  • Premixed Curing Salts Blend
  • Instruction booklet and Recipe Collection

One UMAi Dry Easy Basturma Kit helps you make up to five pounds of traditional basturma. With the Kit, you skip the math, do not need a scale, and do not need to buy or blend the half-dozen spices needed for a traditional basturma recipe. Our Easy Basturma Kits include three UMAi Dry Basturma Large bags and one packet each of the Premixed Curing Salts Blend and Basturma Spice Blend--each perfectly formulated for five pounds of meat. Times might not be as simple today as they were in the "old days" but this basturma making kit offers a simple way recreate old world flavors in the comfort of your own home.

Basturma is unique from other charcuterie projects because you add the spices after the meat is cured, as opposed to usual method of adding the spices at the same time. After two weeks of curing in salts, you make a paste with this spice mix and slather it on the meat (just before bagging in UMAi Dry). This results in a richly spicy savory charcuterie that can be sliced a little thicker than most charcuterie. 

This Basturma Spice Blend is formulated just for UMAi Dry.


Paprika, Fenugreek, Garlic, Red Pepper, Allspice, Black Pepper, Cumin, Salt*

Usage: 22 tsp per pound of meat, or use the whole packet for five pounds of meat.

This blend does not contain: Kosher salt or #2 Curing Salt, which are both necessary to safely cure charcuterie.

* NOTE: Basturma is different from other dry curing projects. Spice blend is applied AFTER the meat has cured. Therefore, the salt in spice ingredients list is included for flavor the meat, not to cure the meat.


For a 5 lb. (2.2 kg.) project*:

  • 5 lb** Beef Eye of Round
  • UMAi Dry® Basturma Spice Blend
  • UMAi Dry Premixed Curing Salt Blend*** (sold separately)
  • UMAi Dry Large Charcuterie Bag

1. Trim meat and tie with butcher’s twine to shape.

2. Coat meat surface thoroughly with UMAi Dry Premixed Curing Salt Blend.

3. Vacuum seal and cure for two (2) weeks in refrigerator. Do not drain liquid.

4. Once cured, rinse meat. Make a paste from the UMAi Dry Basturma Spice Blend by adding a small amount water to spice mixture until consistency is like that of paste; coat meat surface evenly.

5. Place spice encrusted meat in UMAi Dry bag. Seal with vacuum sealer or immersion method.

6. Record the meat’s Start Weight. Calculate and record Target Weight. Aim for 40% reduction in weight.

7. Dry on open wire rack in fridge until meat reaches Target Weight.

* Basturma is different from other dry curing projects as the spice blend is applied AFTER the meat has cured. Therefore, the salt in the ingredients list is included to season the meat, not to cure the meat.

** If making less than 5 lb, make sure to re-calculate both spice blend and curing salt needs. This is critical for safe curing.

*** If not using UMAi Dry Premixed Curing Salts Blend, calculate and weigh out the critical two salts with a digital scale: - Kosher Salt (NOT iodized table salt) = meat weight (in grams) x 0.03 - #2 Curing Salt (slow acting curing salt) = meat weight (in grams) x 0.0025

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