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Create Dry Aged Steak in your standard home refrigerator, safely and easily, with UMAi Dry®.

The unique UMAi Dry breathable membrane creates a perfect dry-aging environment for the ultimate steak.

UMAi Dry allows you to dry age partial to whole sub-primal cuts of beef, typically for 28 to 45+ days.

Gather friends and family around for the most tender, flavorful steak you’ve ever served. (Or, vacuum seal and freeze for up to 1 year if it's too good to share!)

Ribeye/Striploin (12"x24" or 300x600mm) x 3 ct.

Most Popular size. Sized for striploin, boneless ribeye, sirloin, Scotch fillet (UK/Aust) of approximately 16-20 lb

    Brisket/Bone-in (16"x28" or 400x700mm) x 3 ct.

    Fits most bone-in ribeye, full sirloin or brisket cuts to approximately 16-24 lb

      Roast (10"x20" or 250x500mm) x 3 ct.

      Perfect size for boneless roast or 2 or 3 bone-in rib roast cuts to about 8-12 lb

        Sampler (3 ct. of all three sizes)

        A bargain pack of all three sizes of UMAi Dry for aging all sizes--from 7-bone-in ribeyes to a halved striploin aged for two different lengths of time!

        NOTE: The UMAi Dry® membrane requires the moist protein coating of processor packed meat for easiest application. If aging butcher cuts that do not come in vacuum packaging, be sure to run tap water over the meat to re-moisture prior to bagging. Never dry age "tenderized" meat.

        Vacuum sealer recommended

        Wondering which to vacuum sealer to buy, or whether yours works?

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