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Dry Sausage Kit Casings 50mm - UMAi Dry®
Dry Sausage Kit Casings 50mm - UMAi Dry®
Dry Sausage Kit Casings 50mm - UMAi Dry®

UMAi Dry®

Dry Sausage Kit Casings 50mm

$ 47.00

Create Dry Sausage like salami, pepperoni, chorizo, soppressatta and many more at home with special dry-aging casings from UMAi Dry.


Create Dry Cured Salumi at Home


Dry cured sausages or salumi of all types are a delicious addition to your meals. Salami, pepperoni, Spanish chorizo, soppressatta and many other classic dried, fermented sausages are favorites around the world. By using UMAi Dry sausage casings and your food grinder and sausage stuffer, you can turn inexpensive butcher meats into flavorful salumi in your own refrigerator. This kit includes enough of our most popular 50mm casing materials for 25-30 pounds of meat. You also get our exclusive InstaCure #2, Bactoferm T-SPX starter fermentation culture and powdered dextrose. Add your own spices and seasonings or order our chef-created seasonings. The video on this page demonstrates the simple process and helps assure you of success, and detailed instructions are included in the kit. No vacuum sealer is needed. Zip ties are included for sealing the casings.

Dry Sausage Kit Casings

  • Create Dry Sausage like salami, pepperoni and many more in your refrigerator with special dry-aging casings.
  • Unique breathable membrane dry-aging technology creates a perfect environment in any modern household fridge. No special drying chamber is necessary with our casings.