Meathead Talks: The Science and Art of Barbecuing and Grilling  Thermometers: How They Work, How To Select Them, and How To Use Them

Meathead Talks: Thermometers: How They Work, How To Select Them, and How To Use Them

Welcome to Meathead Talks, a series of curated articles from AmazingRibs on everything from kitchen science to myth busting to tips for upping your grill game. All articles are written by the Meathead, a brilliant chef and self-proclaimed Barbecue Whisperer whose culinary word are heeded as gospel in many circles.

How do you know when your patiently, perfectly dry aged steak is cooked just right? Grill temp? Grilling time? Firmness? Color? Just a quivery feeling your bones?

In Thermometers: How They Work, How To Select Them, and How To Use Them, Meathead dismisses all these guessing games as dopey, and possibly downright dangerous. This lengthy, tremendously detailed article tells you why a good digital thermometer is essential equipment for any serious grill master. 

No serious grill master should be relying upon old-fashioned gut-feeling guesswork to determine the safe cooking temperature of meat (especially if dry aging with UMAi Dry). This article will teach you how thermometers work, how to choose, use and maintain them, and finally, which are the best. There is also a good list of do's and don'ts for savvy care and use. 

If you don't own a quick read digital thermometer, (and don't feel like shelling out $100+ for a primo model), offers a convenient, economical Escali waterproof digital thermometer to go with your UMAi Dry Aging Bags.

These sturdy digital thermometers cost a mere $20, and have a sheath to protect the probe that converts to a handle gicing you ano extra few inches distance from the flames. Durable, dishwasher safe and user-friendly, you won't need a manual to figure out how to put it into play immediately.

Don't play with the safety of the meat you are serve your family. Read Meathead's article and pick up a thermometer today.

And never forget -- dry aged beef cooks more quickly. Don't ruin that 45-day ribeye you've carefully aged in UMAi Dry Aging Bags by serving it well done!