Dry Sausage Kits and Casings

With UMAi Dry traditional fermented, dried sausage making kits you can create perfect artisanal meats at home. Our method allows anyone to produce delicious, flavorful salumi, even with no experience! Beginners and craft meat experts alike are impressed by the simplicity of our process and products, allowing them to delight their friends and family with traditional finished products superior to those of the finest import delis.

UMAi Dry has unique, breathable membrane technology that creates a perfect environment in any modern household fridge. No special drying chamber is necessary with UMAi Dry. We offer a variety of sizes for our sausage casings, including 32mm, 50mm, and 70mm which allows you to create an assortment of traditional dry sausages. While dry sausage is the most well-known category for this meat type, it includes many products under its umbrella. With our dry sausage making kits, you can create pepperoni, sopressata, salami, snack sticks and more. 

How do you pick the perfect sausage making kit? That depends on what types of dry sausage you would like to craft at home. At 32mm, our smallest sausage casing size is perfect for homemade pepperoni, saucisson sec, and snack sticks. Our 50mm is ideal for salami, while the large 70mm can be used for soppressata and even whole muscle capicola. 

Within each sausage making kit, you will find all the materials needed to make delicious dry salumi at home. Included in your kit are enough sausage casings for 15 or 30 pounds of salumi, #2 Curing Salt, Bactoferm T-SPX starter culture, powdered dextrose, and zip ties for easy closure of casings. 

Curious if the process for our sausage making kits is really that easy? Browse our reviews and customer photo gallery to see over 3k customers vouching for our kits!

If you are looking for more information, you can view our step-by-step instructions for our sausage making kits here.