Recipe for the Perfect Roast Beef Dinner

Recipe for the Perfect Roast Beef Dinner

We thank Jaden Hair and Steamy Kitchen for this mouth-watering recipe as well as her fantastic acid test of UMAi Dry® technology.

Don’t be fooled by the word “prime” in the name of Prime Rib Roast – just regular ‘ol Choice cut rib roast is fine, no need to splurge for the Prime cuts.

These days, Jaden likes to dry age the beef roast for at least a month. This weekend would be the perfect time to start the dry aging if you are game to do it yourself!

The recipe Steamy Kitchen prefers comes from Cook’s Illustrated with some small changes. Jaden says, "It’s come out perfect every single time."

"It’s easier than you think, almost foolproof if you have a meat thermometer. Even if you do goof and leave it in the oven a little longer than desired, it will still be amazing moist and tender (because of the slow ‘n low cooking temp)

For the complete recipe and cooking instructions, please visit our good friends at The Steamy Kitchen.