Netting Method


Another low-tech method requires about 2-3 feet of wide meat netting. You may able to source this from your local butcher. You also need a “chip clip” or zip tie to close the bag.
  1. After clean transfer to UMAiDry®, slide meat tightly into a bottom corner of bag. Press the air out to get the best possible contact to meat. Temporarily clip the bag closed. Roll any excess UMAi Dry material into a narrow band along one side of the meat.
  2. Stretch the meat netting over both forearms. Reach through to grab the bottom end of the UMAi Dry bag. Hold the narrow folded band of UMAi Dry on the edge in places as you ease the netting over the meat toward the opening. Try to ensure the UMAi Dry material does not fold over itself except along the edge. It is helpful to have a second pair of hands available to help with this step.
  3. Release any air that has gathered at the open end of the UMAi Dry bag, and re-clip securely.

Check out the videos below for Netting Method tutorials