Easy Soppressata Bundle

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Homemade traditional dry fermented sausage is easy with the UMAi Dry Salumi system. Make 5 lbs of Soppressata with this Easy Bundle. Bundle includes enough casing for 25-30 lbs, Powdered Dextrose for 25-30 lbs, and enough TSPX Starter Culture for 200-300 lbs. Just reseal and toss in the deep freeze for up to 18 months from manufacture. To make another batch, choose any Easy Salumi Refill bundle of Spice Blend + Premixed Curing Salt Blend.


Easy Soppressata bundle contains:

1 - Soppressata Spice Blend (for 5 lbs of meat)

1 - Premixed Curing Salts Blend (for 5 lbs of meat)

1 -  UMAi Dry 70mm Sausage casing 30 ft packet (for 25-30 lbs of meat)

1 - Powdered Dextrose (for 25-30 lbs of meat)

1 - Bactoferm T-SPX Starter Culture for fermentation at room temp (for 200-300 lbs of meat)

To make another batch, choose any Easy Salumi Refill bundle.


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Easy Soppressata Bundle
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