Primo Digital Scale (11 lb, NSF-certified)

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Primo Digital Scale (11 lb, NSF-certified)

  • Save $-311!
  • Regular price $311.00

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For meat crafters: A digital scale is a must.

  • Accurately measuring 3% salt to meat weight and 0.25% Instacure #2 is essential for flavor and safety
  • Start weight and target end weight is key in charcuterie and dry sausage making
  • Knowing how many pound of dry aged steak you have to share after 4 to 6 weeks helps you plan the feast

Rated best value by leading independent consumer magazine. These digital scales are economically priced and very easy to use with the two-button operation. NSF-certified. Includes washable stainless steel tray.

Twice rated as a best value by a leading independent consumer magazine; the Escali Primo Digital Scale is multifunctional and features an easy to use two-button operation. The sealed control panel and rounded design make the scale easy to keep clean and very durable. 

Simple Two-button Operation
The two-button controls are easy to operate and ensure quick and efficient use.

Sealed Control Panel
The display and controls are sealed under a protective shield to guard against accidental spills.

Tare Feature
Reset the scale to zero weight to measure multiple items or subtract the weight of container.

Automatic Shut-off
The scale will turn off after four minutes of inactivity to help conserve and extend battery life.

Stainless Steel Platform
A dishwasher safe stainless steel platform cover makes clean up a breeze.

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