Ask Maureen: New and Improved VacMouse®

Ask Maureen: New and Improved VacMouse®

Separate and Conquer!

You may be familiar with VacMouse® vacuum aid strips ("a tiny space only a mouse can get through..."). These are the "secret sauce" of making UMAi Dry® work with your typical home vacuum sealer.

Before VacMouse, you had to use either a commercial chamber sealer (your butcher has one, as do meat processing plants) or a bizarre snorkel-style vacuum sealer to apply UMAi Dry.

In 2012, the invention and release of VacMouse was a huge game changer for both our company and the meat-loving world. The multilayer vacuum aid strip, compatible with UMAi Dry, made it possible to use a commonly available channel-style (or FoodSaver-type) vacuum sealer to apply UMAi Dry.

2019 marks the next generation of VacMouse! Instead of five individual sheets, VacMouse® now have 5 pieces in a single sheet

These have perforations for easy separation and come packed accordion-style in your UMAi Dry product.

Tear on "dotted line" to separate the necessary 2-inch wide pieces. You only need one piece to create a good space--either horizontal or vertical with the opening of the UMAi Dry bag (after you do the "fist crunch" to create some good deep channel wrinkles).

When ordering bulk bundles of UMAi Dry, be aware that VacMouse strips are not included. Generally, bulk purchases are for customers with chamber-type vacuum sealers, for which VacMouse is not needed. If you want a stockpile of VacMouse, check out the Bulk VacMouse Bundle on UMAi!

 UMAi Dry is not a vacuum bag
Air pockets pose no risk since the UMAi Dry membrane allows both moisture AND oxygen exchange.

Requirements for successful Dry Aging and dry curing with UMAi Dry:

  1. Gooey moist subprimal steak cut, untrimmed and untouched by man.
  2. Modern frost-free refrigerator in regular use located within a consistently room temperature environment.
  3. Patience.
Happy Meat Crafting!