Charcuterie -

How to Make Capicola at Home

Here is how UMAi Dry® works for creating charcuterie:

1. Select an appropriate cut of meat for your project: pork belly for pancetta, pork butt for capicola "gabagool," beef eye of round for bresaola, etc.

2. Weigh out 3% kosher salt and 0.25% Instacure #2 using a digital scale.

3. Coat the meat with cure and spices. Rest for two weeks in the fridge either in a vacuum barrier bag or in a Ziplock bag to cure.

4. After two weeks, rinse off the cure. Apply UMAi Dry® per the illustrated instructions. Make sure the meat is really moist to give the UMAi Dry® membrane plenty of "meat glue" to stick to. If you choose to tie the meat for shape, we recommend tying over the UMAi Dry®, as butchers' twine will introduce a higher chance of unfavorable mold growth.

5. Weigh the meat and make note of both the start weight and the calculated target weight on the label included with your UMAi Dry® casings. Your target weight loss is 35-40% of the original weight. Place on an open wire rack in your fridge for 6-8 weeks.

6. Within 6-8 weeks, the meat will darken and harden. When you reach the target weight, it is helpful to vacuum seal the finished product for several days to allow the moisture to equalize throughout the whole piece.

7. UMAi Dry® will have helped you transform a simple cut of fresh pork, beef, duck or venison into delectable meat craft. Slice paper thin, and get ready to be impressed.