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Cooking a Perfect Dry Aged Steak

    Congratulations! Your patience has paid off and your ribeye, striploin or sirloin is ready. Now it’s time to trim the “bark”, cut into steaks, and get ready to enjoy, share or preserve to savor over time. Steak lovers beware Dry-aged steak cooks faster than “wet-aged” steak. Because of the lower water content, there are none of the weeps and shrivel to indicate doneness. The time that was spent in the UMAi Dry bag has provided tenderness that you don’t want to unintentionally turn to shoe leather.   Cooking dry-aged steaks: Dry-aged steaks tend to cook faster than wet-aged steaks because there is less water in them to “bring to a boil.” The steak will cook in much less time....

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How to make Landjaeger Sausage

       Once the air starts to cool and the leaves begin to change, my favorite activity is to take a relaxing hike. Since my backpack is usually filled with that “just in case” sweatshirt, I prefer bringing a small protein-packed snack. Landjaeger is perfect since it comes in a convenient on-the-go size and does not need to be refrigerated.  Using the UMAi Salumi kit I can create this delicious Southern Germany Semidried Sausage at home, no cave required!     Landjaeger Recipe        What’s included in the UMAi Salumi: 30 ft of 32 mm UMAi Drybags Bactoferm T-SPX Starter Culture (for 300# of meat)                         ...

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Ask Maureen: New and Improved VacMouse®

Separate & Conquer You are all familiar with ridiculously named VacMouse® vacuum aid strips ("a tiny space only a mouse can get through..."). These are the "secret sauce" of making UMAi Dry® work with your typical home vacuum sealer. Before VacMouse®, you had to use either a commercial chamber sealer (your butcher has one, as do meat processing plants) or a bizarre snorkel-style vacuum sealer to apply UMAi Dry®. In 2012, the invention and release of VacMouse® was a huge game changer for both our company and the meat loving world. The multilayer vacuum aid strip compatible with UMAi Dry® made it possible to use a commonly available channel-style (or FoodSaver-type) vacuum sealer to apply UMAi Dry®. 2019 marks the next generation of VacMouse®! Instead of five individual...

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How to Make Dry Sausage at Home

Here is how UMAi Dry® Dry Sausage Kit provides everything you need for creating dry sausage at home: 1. Grind cold (par frozen) meat (5 lbs) through a large grinding plate for crispy, defined particles. 2. For the required in 3% salt, 0.25% Instacure #2 (included), use a digital scale or skip the math and use the premixed UMAi Dry® Blend of Curing Salts for 5# Recipe) and UMAi Dry® Spice Blend or your own spices recipe. Toss with the still chilled particles of meat for even distribution. 3. Dissolve Bactoferm T-SPX (included) in 3 tbsp of de-chlorinated cool water and mix thoroughly into the sausage meat. 4. Stuff with dedicated stuffer into UMAi Dry® casing and tie off ends with zip ties. For dry sausage, a dedicated...

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How to Make Capicola at Home

Here is how UMAi Dry® works for creating charcuterie: 1. Select an appropriate cut of meat for your project: pork belly for pancetta, pork butt for capicola "gabagool", beef eye of round for bresaola, etc. 2. Weight out 3% kosher salt and 0.25% Instacure #2 using a digital scale 3. Coat the meat with cure and spices. Rest for two weeks in the fridge either in a vacuum barrier bag or in a ziplock bag to cure. 4. After two weeks, rinse off the cure. Apply UMAi Dry® per the illustrated instructions. Make sure the meat is really moist to give the UMAi Dry® membrane plenty of "meat glue" to stick to. If you choose to tie the meat for shape, we recommend tying...

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