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Vacuum Sealer Recommendations

UMAi Dry® is easiest sealed with a simple, manual lid-and-latch type vacuum sealer. 

The UMAi Dry® Starter Kit includes a manual lid-and-latch FoodSaver vacuum sealer that is perfect for the application of UMAi Dry®.

Similar manual lid-and-latch or FoodSaver® or other channel-type vacuum sealer models are similarly easy and reliable to use.

Regarding automated vertical FoodSaver® 3400, 3800 and 4800 model sealers, please be aware that their highly automated functionality can make it difficult-to-impossible to trick into sealing UMAi Dry® with VacMouse®. If you own a vertical-type sealer, use this video to try to seal UMAi Dry®: Watch Video

Chamber vacuum sealers, some heavy-duty channel models (like Weston and Vacmaster) and retractable snorkel sealers can also be used, but may require some adjustment or practice to develop successful techniques for UMAi Dry® application. Any model that draws down the lid to engage the vacuum may cut off air flow through the VacMouse® vacuum aid strip.

For least frustrating application of UMAi Dry®, we strongly recommend a simple sealer. 

Remember, you are not truly vacuum sealing with UMAi Dry®.

Work with ease:


Difficult to override automatic function:


Don't have a vacuum sealer?

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