Vacuum Sealer Recommendations

UMAi Dry is easiest sealed with a simple, manual lid-and-latch type vacuum sealer. 

UMAi Dry is a moisture and oxygen permeable membrane,
not an oxygen barrier vacuum bag.

You are not truly vacuum sealing with UMAi Dry.
Forget all the rules of vacuum sealing!

The UMAi Dry Starter Kit includes a manual lid-and-latch FoodSaver vacuum sealer that is perfect for the application of UMAi Dry using the VacMouse vacuum aid strips.  Similar manual lid-and-latch or FoodSaver or other channel-type vacuum sealer models are similarly easy and reliable to use.

Regarding automated vertical FoodSaver 3400, 3800 and 4800 model sealers, please be aware that their highly automated functionality can make it difficult-to-impossible to trick into sealing UMAi Dry with VacMouse vacuum aid strip. If you own a vertical-type sealer, use this video to try to seal UMAi Dry: Watch Video

Chamber vacuum sealers, some heavy-duty channel models (like Weston and Vacmaster) and retractable snorkel sealers can also be used, but may require some adjustment or practice to develop successful techniques for UMAi Dry application. Any model that draws down the lid to engage the vacuum may cut off air flow through the VacMouse® vacuum aid strip.

Work with ease:


Difficult to override automatic function:


No vacuum sealer? Or can't get one to work?
Try the Ballistic BBQ No Sealer UMAi Dry technique »

For least frustration with UMAi Dry, just use a simple sealer like this: