Science Says: UMAI Dry Aging Stays True to Tradition

Science Says: UMAI Dry Aging Stays True to Tradition

Dry-aged beef is a result of a process of dry aging, but what is "dry aging"? 

Dry Aging:

  1. "Dry": Moisture evaporates from the muscle creating a mature beef flavor
  2. "Aging": The meat’s natural enzymes break down the fibrous, connective tissue in the muscle thereby tenderizing it AND the fat in the meat develops a nutty, earthy flavor that absorbs into the meat

Numerous scientific studies conducted by Kansas State University and Auburn University have concluded that dry aging using UMAi Dry aging bag membrane technology accomplishes both of these goals.

The results from these studies has shown that dry aging using UMAi Dry aging bags achieves the deep beefy, nutty, buttery dry aged flavor and butterknife tender ness that knowledgeable steak lovers expect.

Traditionally, dry aging was done with half carcasses of beef hung in cold storage lockers for 14 – 35 days following slaughter. The half carcasses were typically wrapped in cheese cloth like material to prevent insects and other pests from reaching them. This type of dry aging is not an option today for food safety-conscious restaurants and households.

Since the 1960's, most commercial meat production is done at centralized facilities, that provide "boxed beef," where vacuum packaged subprimal cuts are supplied to butchers for further breakdown. If adding value by dry aging today, these sub primal steak cuts of beef, such as whole striploins (NY strip), 7-rib ribeye (bone-in or boneless) sections, top rounds (sirloin) can be aging in open air. However, restaurant and household environments need special designated coolers due to sanitation concerns, odor, cross contamination of flavors and microorganisms. These concerns make the open air process quite problematic.

UMAi Dry provides a custom protected environment for each individual subprimal cut of beef to dry age. There is no need for special coolers and special sanitation or odor management. UMAi Dry provides the protection that most consumers desire in the dry aging process.

In 2011, UMAi Dry earned the National Restaurant Association Food and Beverage Innovation Award for new product innovations that revolutionize the industry.

Try UMAi Dry out and judge for yourself whether the results satisfy your desire for dry aged beef. UMAi Dry bags are sold successfully in over 70 countries worldwide.