UMAi Dry no vacuum sealer immersion

Burned Out Vacuum Sealer? Try These UMAi Dry No Sealer Hacks

Though our favorite gadgets may be powerful, they are not indestructible.

If you and your ancient vacuum sealer need a cooling off period, try these low-tech UMAi Dry® application methods to get you through.

The Immersion Method — "Dip 'n Zip"

This technique uses water’s natural pressure against the submerged bag to push out most air.

  1. After a clean transfer to your UMAi Dry bag, nudge the meat into a bottom corner.
  2. Loosely loop a zip tie around the open end of the bag. Close your fist around it and the excess UMAi Dry material, holding the bag above the water’s surface.
  3. Fill a bucket or your sink with cold water.
  4. Lower the meat into the water, and use the sides of the sink or bucket – plus your hands – to massage out most of the air bubbles and press UMAi Dry to the meat’s surface.
  5. Push out the extra air around the zip tie, and cinch it tightly. Then double secure the seal by adding a second zip tie or by tying a knot with the bag material itself. (We like this demonstration video by Ballistic BBQ.)

NOTE: UMAi Dry is NOT a vacuum bag! You do not need to squeeze out all the air before closing the end. If you have 75-80% contact between the meat and the bag, you are good to go!

The Netting Method — "Net 'n Clip"

  1. After a clean transfer to UMAi Dry, slide the meat tightly into a bottom corner of the bag. Press the air out to get the best possible contact between the bag and the meat.
  2. Temporarily clip the bag closed, and roll any excess UMAi Dry material into a narrow band along one side of the meat.
  3. Stretch the meat netting over both forearms. Reach through to grab the bottom end of the UMAi Dry bag.
  4. Hold and guide the narrow folded band of bag as you ease the netting over the meat toward the opening. Try to ensure the UMAi Dry material doesn't fold over itself in any place but the edge. (It's helpful to have a second pair of hands during this step.)  
  5. Release any air that has gathered at the open end of the UMAi Dry bag, and re-clip it securely.

Keep in mind, UMAi Dry only needs 75-80% contact with the moist meat surface as a starting point for success. You can achieve that with a couple of pairs of hands massaging the air out, then closing the opening by any means you like--melting, zipping, clipping or tying.

The secret is really in the gooey myoglobin coating on the meats; it slides out of the processor packaging--and the open wire rack in your regularly used modern frost free kitchen refrigerator located in a room-temperature environment.

Forget wrestling with the vacuum sealer! It might make for a cleaner, easy one-on application experience, but UMAi Dry doesn't require the equipment. Happy meat crafting!

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