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Dry Aging Bags Brisket/Bone-in

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Create Dry Aged Steak in your refrigerator with UMAi Dry.

The unique UMAi Dry breathable membrane creates a perfect dry aging environment. Use your fridge to age whole subprimal cuts of beef with no mess, no odors.
The result is delicious dry aged steak that will impress your friends and family.
Once you've tried UMAi Dry aged steak, you will know true gourmet steaks.

    Suitable for approximately 16-20 lb short loin, bone-in ribeye, sirloin or brisket.

    Packet includes:

    • 3 UMAiDry Brisket / Bone-in / Short Loin size: 16x28in / 400x700mm
    • 5 UMAi VacMouse channel vacuum adapter strips for channel-type sealers

    Vacuum sealer recommended.
    Wondering which to buy, or whether yours works?
    Here's a guide to manual lid-and-latch vacuum sealers
    for the application of UMAi Dry.

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