Salumi Spice Blend: Sujuk

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Salumi Spice Blend: Sujuk

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Formulated just for UMAi Dry®, this traditional blend of spices creates the spicy, cumin-infused exotic flavor of Sujuk fermented dry sausage. This traditional Mediterrenean salumi is thought to have originated in Turkey. Sujuk sausage has been popular in the Balkans, Middle East, Central Asia for thousands of years (not an exaggeration).

Sujuk has a smoky, spicy flavor profile and is traditionally made with beef or lamb or mutton--with lamb tail fat. Of course, pork may also used.  Like any traditional salami, Sujuk has a high-fat content. Combined with the rich spices, it is a unique flavor that cold easily be your new favorite!

Ingredients: Garlic, Cumin, Black pepper, Red pepper, Dextrose, Allspice

Usage for 5 lb recipe: After mixing in Salt and #2 Curing Salt, add the contents of the package to the sausage meat mix. Toss together thoroughly. Knead in dissolved Starter Culture and dextrose.

This blend does not contain: Salt, #2 Curing Salt, or Starter Culture for creating a robust culture all of which are necessary for making traditional fermented slow dried sausage.

Instructions for a 5 lb. (2.2 kg.) project:

  • 5 lb* well-marbled meat
  • UMAi Dry Spice Blend
  • UMAi Dry Premixed Curing Salt Blend**
  • 1⁄2 tsp T-SPX Starter Culture
  • 1 tsp Powdered Dextrose
  • UMAi Dry Casings directions & proportions

1. Grind par-frozen meat using a 3/8 or 16 mm plate.

2. Shake T-SPX packet. Dissolve packet in 2 tbsp warm de-chlorinated water. Add dextrose to T-SPX solution.

3. Thoroughly distribute T-SPX solution into the meat.

4. Combine Premixed Curing Salt Blend and Spice Blend together; blend completely into the meat mixture.

5. Using a vertical stuffer or piping bag, stuff meat mixture into UMAi Dry Casings and tie off with zip ties.

6. Slow ferment in sheltered area at 65-75°F (18-22°C) for 36-72 hours. Look for color to blush/brighten to pink.

7. Record Start Weight by weighing several sticks. Calculate and record 35-40% Target Weight reduction.

8. Dry on open wire rack in fridge until meat reaches Target Weight.

* If making less than 5 lb, make sure to re-calculate both spice blend and
curing salt needs. This is critical for safe curing.
** If not using UMAi Dry Premixed Curing Salts Blend, calculate and weigh
out the critical two salts with a digital scale:
- Kosher Salt (NOT iodized table salt) = meat weight (in grams) x 0.03
- #2 Curing Salt (slow acting curing salt) = meat weight (in grams) x 0.00025


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