Digital Thermometer, Waterproof

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Never ruin a steak again with this easy to use digital thermometer. Take away the guesswork and worry. Tuck this in your pocket. Wonder if it's ready? Pluck, poke and never again miss that magic number.

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Never Ruin a Steak Again. Take away the guesswork and worry.  Tuck this in your pocket. Wonder if its ready? Pluck, poke and never again miss that magic number. Whether you prefer 125F, 135F or 145F (for that squeamish family member), you'll nail it every time.

Quick Measurements & Durable Design
The Escali Waterproof Digital Thermometer is built to last. Dishwasher safe design is paired with extra durable buttons and a quick-read stainless steel probe makes it ultimate temperature measuring tool.

Faster Measurements
Extra thin 1.2 mm probe tip allows for super fast measurements within 1-3 seconds.

IP68 Protection
Dishwasher safe and rated waterproof up to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes.

Extra Durable Buttons
Buttons are made from an extremely durable material that will last the life of your thermometer.

Temperature Hold Feature
Take temperature measurements at any angle, even when the display is not visible.

Min. / Max. Feature
Capture minimum and maximum temperatures with directly watching measurements.

Protective Sheath & Handle
Snap the protective probe sheath onto the end of the thermometer to extend ts reach.

Incredibly user-friendly advanced features, this thermometer is the perfect vital accessory for a master chef or beginner's kitchen.



Poke the digital thermometer into your meat to check the internal temperature when cooking, grilling, or baking. Helps prevent excessive loss of moisture when checking the temperature.


- 1 Digital Thermometer
- Waterproof


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Escali waterproof digital thermometer Umai Dry
Escali waterproof digital thermometer Umai Dry