Get "On Board"

make your own charcuterie plate

What makes a charcuterie board so interesting and delicious is that you can customize this board with just about any ingredients you like--or have on hand. Nothing better than that "empty the fridge before moving day" charcuterie board!

Charcuterie boards are an art form. Putting many different textures and flavors on the board is the the science. Ensuring they complement each other is the art.  This marriage of art and science is  probably why charcuterie boards have become an increasingly popular template for creative food lovers. 

In recent years, we begun to find charcuterie boards of endless varieties. Restaurants can really lay out and display boards with endless variety. Depending on the setting or environment, the charcuterie board will always be a perfect match to indulge in hand-picked foods with the right group of people, this is what makes the charcuterie board so trendy. 

This presentation of appetizers fits many different occasions. There is a classic charcuterie board that consists of cured meat, cheese, crackers, fruits, and nuts. This type of richly varied classic board is First Class.  You can also make a more basic fruit, cheese and sausage board, or diversify by adding couple of spreads and mousses. Neutral crackers or sliced baguette are the palate cleansers. Since you can put together a charcuterie board in multitudes of ways, let your creative side go wild. Choose a theme and craft  a board to go with it. 

Best theme ever? A charcuterie board crafted with your very own Bresaola, Lonzino and Capicola using UMAi Dry Charcuterie Spice Blends. Check out this display of master meat craft from UMAi Dry customer Charles B.:

Charles B's charcuterie board