Meathead Talks: Myth: The Bones Make The Meat Better

Meathead Talks: Myth: The Bones Make The Meat Better

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We've all heard the adage "The closer to the bone, the sweeter the meat," (or if you hadn't before, you have now) but is it really true? Will your dry aged steak really turn out tastier if it's grilled bone-in?

Don't waste your charcoal—or a dry aging bag—finding out for yourself. Meathead has already compared bone-in dry aged steak and boneless dry aged steak and if you ask nicely, he will share his answer in this blog post, along with

  1. Why bone marrow is often overrated as a flavor enhancer.
  2. Where the myth that bones add flavor to meat originated.
  3. How the bones in red meat are like a pizza stone.
  4. When it's better to remove the ribs before cooking a rib roast. (And why you should cook and enjoy the rib bones separately and pleasurably.)
  5. What you give up when you grill, roast—or whatever—de-boned red meat and chicken.

Spoiler alert: The bones might not matter as much as other factors. Read on and find out what those factors are, and why you should care. You owe it to your quest for dry aged steak perfection.

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Article originally posted on Meathead's Amazing Ribs, last updated 5/21/2022

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