Meathead Talks: Myth: Searing Steaks Seals In The Juices

Meathead Talks: Myth: Searing Steaks Seals In The Juices

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Tradition can be a fine thing, but sometimes you have to kick those tired ideas to the curb. Searing a dry aged steak to preserve its juiciness is one of the dogs that has seen its day. But wait! Don't put your steel-toed boots on too soon. Searing your dry aged steak after you've aged it in an UMAi Dry Aging Bag is still important if you're using the major-league game plan. It's a matter of knowing when and how to sear

Read: Searing a dry aged steak is a SCIENCE. And there's an ART to the science of searing a dry aged steak.

Meathead has the low-down on the when's and why's of cooking dry aged meats, and in his article "Myth: Searing Seals in the Juices" he's more than happy to share insights with fellow dry aging bag aficionados (such as yourself), including:

  1. Why searing meat before cooking does NOT seal in juices
  2. Who came up with that oldy-moldy idea, who disproved it, and how
  3. But also, why searing meat is still a fine idea
  4. David Letterman's trick for sealing the juices in his steak...

If you're intrigued enough--and you will be--to click on the link at the end of this short blog post, you'll beam up to Meathead's take on low- and high-heat cooking, why each has its place, and how your thick dry bag steak will reach nirvana when both methods work together. Meathead explains:

  1. Why thick meat and skinny meat require different searing/cooking methods
  2. When to cook low and slow and when to cook hot and fast
  3. The beauty of a two-zone set-up on your grill, and how basic it is to create.
  4. How and when to sear your dry bag steak for a finished product that would make the finest chef moan with pleasure.

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Article originally posted on Meathead's Amazing Ribs, last updated 11/03/2021

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