FoodSaver FM5330! Good Toys = More Fun!

FoodSaver FM5330! Good Toys = More Fun!

FoodSaver FM5300 vacuum sealer

We like our foodie gadgets as much as the next person.

But if your next toy is going to be a vacuum sealer, we recommend keeping it simple with a manual lid-and-latch model.

We hear mixed reviews from customers using chamber vacuum sealers, some heavy-duty channel models (like Weston and Vacmaster), and retractable snorkel sealers with our products. Any model that draws down the lid to engage the vacuum tends to limit air flow through the UMAi Dry VacMouse® vacuum aid strip. If you go this route, expect some practice runs and adjustments.

In general, we like the ease of FoodSaver products.

But we do not recommend using vertical vacuum sealers like the FoodSaver 3400, 3800 and 4800 models with UMAi Dry products. Their highly automated functionality gives you little control over the sealing process with the VacMouse® vacuum aid strip. This can result in a weak seal and compromise your meat.

The Foodsaver FM5330 is in a new class: it reduces the number of steps required for conventional vacuum sealing and cuts way down on plastic bag roll waste (30%) compared to previous models.

We find that it seals well, and we like that it has a separate sealer to form the next bag. It tilts conveniently to cut down on spilled liquids and handles overflow well. If you're new to vacuum sealers, however, you may find that taking advantage of the FM 5330 takes practice. This video will help you get ahead of the game.