the secret to a great steak

Hidden in Your Fridge is the Secret to a Great Steak

Dry aged steak in Umai Dry bag

A good steak is a great way to celebrate a special occasion, or simply a delicious dinner on a quiet evening at home - especially during grilling season. This year, you can step up your home steak game with Dry Aged Steak. UMAi Dry® will help you enjoy tender, delicious aged ribeye in your own dining room or on your own patio. 

With more than 10 years of experience and expertise, UMAi Dry brings together the best of old-world artisan meat tradition with sophisticated modern technology, making it easy for you to craft delicious Dry Aged Steak, Charcuterie, and Salumi in the convenience of your own refrigerator. You can learn the art and science of dry aging meat without buying a ton of supplies.

In the old days, farmers achieved this effect by hanging beef for weeks in a barn or cellar. Most beef today is not dry aged due to the high cost of maintaining a large refrigerated space. (And many of us do not have access to a clean barn). Instead, industrial meat processors “wet-age” subprimal cuts in thick, cryovac plastic bags.

But steak lovers and steakhouse owners agree that dry aging is the industry standard in achieving superior texture and taste. It allows the natural enzymes inside the meat to tenderize and intensify the flavor like a fine wine.

In 2009, UMAi Dry hArtisan Dry Aged Steak Kitit the market with a breathable membrane for dry aging beef and dry curing meat in your home refrigerator. (Yes, the one you open several times a day.) UMAi Dry® makes it possible for anyone with an adventurous spirit and a typical kitchen fridge to create the Original Slow Food®.

Unlike the laminated plastic vacuum storage bags you may be used to, UMAi Dry is a moisture- and oxygen-permeable membrane. It bonds with the meat’s surface, creating a protected dry aging environment while blocking odors and contamination. 

Select the right size UMAi Dry for the steak subprimal cut of your choosing (boneless ribeye, striploin, sirloin, etc.), and then just follow the detailed instructions. In 4-6 weeks, you'll be "the host with the most" as you treat your friends to a steak house experience at your own dining room table.

No vacuum sealer? No problem. UMAi Dry is not a vacuum bag; it’s a membrane that allows oxygen and moisture exchange. It works by creating a bond with the sticky, protein-coated meat surface. (See how UMAi Dry differs from vacuum sealing bags in this Guga Foods video.)

Once the UMAi Dry bag is touching 75-80% of the meat’s surface, start the dry aging process with the fat cap up and meat side down on an open wire rack in your regular, modern frost-free refrigerator. This way, gravity helps maintain maximum contact between the meat and UMAi Dry.

Remove the UMAi Dry material after 4-6 weeks, peel off the dried "bark" (the dried outer layer of the meat), and slice your steaks to freeze for later or grill right now. For tips, recipes, and inspiration, request access to the UMAI Salumi, Charcuterie and Dry Aged Steak Facebook community, or follow us on Instagram!