Professional Meat Crafting Gloves

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Professional Meat Crafting Gloves

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The ultimate dry aged meats made with UMAi Dry's ultimate dry aging bags deserve, well, the ultimate gloves. Introducing the Professional Meat Crafting Gloves. These gloves are tough, grippy, and safe. But these aren't ordinary nitrile gloves that are slippery-smooth, tear when you try to put them on, and "probably" safe for food contact.

The Professional Meat Crafting Gloves are heavy-duty gloves that will provide a layer of protection so you can butcher, brine, and baste your crafted meats safely and in style.

  • Puncture and tear-resistant
  • FDA-compliant (food-safe)
  • Allergen-, powder-, and latex-free
  • Textured grip (blue: fingertips, black: fully textured)
  • Fingertip thickness: 7.5 mils
  • Palm thickness: 5.6 mils
  • Available in Black and Blue

Sure, meat crafting can get messy. But that's not why you want these gloves for your next dry aging project. UMAi Dry's Professional Meat Crafting Gloves protect the meat from any contaminants you might have on your hands while also giving you an added layer of protection from heat and sharp objects. Not to mention easy clean-up!

It's a fact that no matter how well you wash and sanitize your hands and counter surfaces, even the smallest germ can ruin your dry aging meat project. Boneless cuts use the clean transfer method to move the meat from the processor packaging into the dry aging bag. But for bone-in projects, you'll have to remove the meat from the pack and cover the bones so the bones don't puncture the dry aging bag. It would be a challenge to do this without touching the meat. This is where the meat crafting gloves come in.

But transferring your meat into the UMAi Dry aging bags isn't the only use for these gloves. Professional pitmasters and pro chefs know that using gloves during prep and plating is essential to food safety. One of our nitrile kitchen gloves' most significant benefits is the finger grips. If you've ever tried to get a grip on raw meats, you know they can be slippery buggers. These gloves feature textured finger grips to help you hold on for dear life to the steaks you spent 35+ days waiting to grill.

Wondering which color gloves for dry aging meat are suitable for you? Traditionally blue gloves are worn in food service, while black is worn by pitmasters, grillers, and general meat aficionados. But if you're planning to smoke your meat and prefer blue gloves, no judgement here.

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