UMAi Dry earth day meat resource 5 ideas

Earth Day Ideas for Meat Lovers

In honor of Earth Day, we would like to offer five basic ideas for protecting our planet -- and making the very most of resource-intensive meat.

1. Make "Slow Food" at home! 

Commit to home made meals. Cooking at home, you will appreciate food so much more. And you can share the experience, develop skills, build traditions. As we say about UMAi Dry: Creating Tradition at Home®

2. Reduce Food Waste 

When you dry age, you really appreciate the animal that provided that gift. There's never a wasted bite. While we don't recommend trimmings for human consumption, they do can be the very best "high value treats" for your pets. Just freeze the slivers and chunks, and break one off every time your pups deserve a reward.

3. Get Outside and Enjoy Nature

Who doesn't love to fire up the grill? Enjoy gathering with friends in the warmth of the sun, or beneath the cool of the stars. Make a big batch of landjaeger, and take couple sticks along on your seasonal hikes. 

4. Buy Local

Did you know that the average food item on the American table has traveled 1700 miles?! Support your local Farmers' Market and visit your neighborhood butcher for local meat options. Local pork is often a great starting point for the very best charcuterie.

5. Eat with the Seasons

Try to eat what grows in your area at a given time of year. Be conscientious of choosing foods grow in the opposite hemisphere--strawberries in December?!? By crafting dry aged steak, charcuterie and salumi with UMAi Dry, you are mastering The Original Slow Food®. Meat craft is the highest form of preservation. 

The raising of meat is not an earth-friendly practice. That said, as long as there are humans on earth, there will be the craving for meat. Let's make sure we treasure this precious resource.