"Just Add Meat" Starter Kit

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Want restaurant-quality steak at home? The "Just Add Meat" Starter Kit is the simplest way to age craft dry aged steak at home. It makes the entire process simple and safe. No vacuum sealer needed. UMAi Dry® is the most time-tested home dry aging bag system in the world.



The Just Add Meat Starter Kit will get you started dry aging with the lowest investment, leaving you more money to buy the very best subprimal boneless ribeye to get your meat crafting adventure started. 

This bundle is perfect for the beginner doing their first dry aging project, or for someone who has used dry aging bags for meat crafting many times. This bundle is also a great gift idea for that meathead in your life looking to start a new hobby!

The Ribeye/Striploin bags are UMAi Dry's best-selling dry aging bags and the copper racks are a favorite among meat crafters.

What's included in this dry aging bags bundle?
UMAi Dry's best-selling Ribeye/Striploin dry aging bags bundled with a copper-plated open grid rack to age steak, charcuterie or salumi in the fridge.

- Ribeye/Striploin bags (3 bags)
- Single Copper Rack

Packet includes:
3 UMAi Dry® Ribeye/Striploin (Standard) size: 12x24 in / 300x600 mm
5 UMAi VacMouse® adapter strips for use with your vacuum sealer
Dry Aging Time labels to record your start and target end dates

Suitable for:
Subprimal striploin, boneless ribeye, sirloin, Scotch fillet (UK/Aust).
Holds approx. 12-18 lbs. of beef.

You may have heard if you are interested in dry aging that a vacuum sealer is required to seal the meat if you have been considering dry aging for a while. If you are not already using a vacuum sealer, then you might not have purchased dry aging bags. While it is possible to vacuum seal dry aging bags, that is not the only method by which UMAi Dry aging bags can be applied.

With the alternate Immersion method for your dry aging bags, meat craft is possible with just bags + rack + meat. Thus, the "Just Add Meat" Starter Kit!


Includes complete instructions and video links for dry aging steak at home.

UMAi Dry Application Basics:
STEP 1: Transfer moist meat into UMAi Dry membrane bags.
STEP 2: Follow instructions for either vacuum sealer or immersion sealing method.
STEP 3: Rest on open wire rack in a regularly used modern frost free kitchen refrigerator located in a room temperature environment for 4-6 weeks (dry aging) or until 35-40% weight loss is achieved (charcuterie).

Important Note: UMAi Dry provides a customized dry aging environment/ Not a vacuum bag, but a moisture and oxygen permeable membrane. Air pockets pose no risk. Even when loose--the membrane is still protecting your meat crafting treasure.


DAY 1 At least 75% of the meat surface is in contact with the UMAi Dry membrane. And your kitchen might be a mess.
DAY 2 UMAi Dry will relax, and may appear loose as it takes up moisture from the meat. There may be moisture pooling in the corners; let time and your fridge take care of that.
DAY 4-5 Bond begins to form; you may notice color change.
DAY 10 The meat should begin to turn mahogany brown. You may begin to catch an earthy, blue-cheesy, nutty scent.
DAY 21 The bark is firm and dark, mostly even in color, and almost firm enough to “knock” on. There may be softer and firmer spots. Small white dots may be salts, fat or mold, which is OK. Grey, blue, green, or black mold is bad news.
DAY 28-45 The meat is firm and dark, and may begin to pull away from the UMAi Dry membrane. Separation is normal— the meat is still protected in its “custom dry aging space.”


Need help? Head over to our Help Center for support from the pros!

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"Just Add Meat" Starter Kit
"Just Add Meat" Starter Kit
"Just Add Meat" Starter Kit
"Just Add Meat" Starter Kit "Just Add Meat" Starter Kit
"Just Add Meat" Starter Kit
"Just Add Meat" Starter Kit
"Just Add Meat" Starter Kit
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