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Learn more about what is in your food - information and myths about Nitrates.

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charUp your charcuterie game by adding a meat slicer to your household appliances!

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Sausage making - it is all about the meat. The meat, however, is all about the grinder. Want to learn more about what makes a good grinder?

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Congratulations! Your patience has paid off, and your Dry Aged ribeye, striploin, or sirloin is ready. Now it’s time to trim the “bark," cut into steaks, and get ready to enjoy, share or preserve to savor over time. Steak lovers, beware Dry Aged steak cooks faster than “wet-aged” steak. Because of the lower water content, you can't indicate doneness through weeping or shriveling. The time the meat spends in the UMAi Dry bag provides tenderness that you don’t want to unintentionally turn to shoe leather! Cooking Dry Aged steaks Dry Aged steaks tend to cook faster than wet-aged steaks because there is less...

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If you are vacuum packaging food, you absolutely MUST remove all air or risk spoilage of the food or dangerous conditions within the bag. UMAi Dry does not pose that risk.

UMAi Dry is applied with a vacuum sealer only to pull the bag into best contact with the moist surface of the meat—not to form a vacuum. It is the bond that forms between that meat surface and UMAi Dry that is the key. 

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