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Charcuterie -

Here is how UMAi Dry® works for creating charcuterie: 1. Select an appropriate cut of meat for your project: pork belly for pancetta, pork butt for capicola "gabagool," beef eye of round for bresaola, etc. 2. Weigh out 3% kosher salt and 0.25% Instacure #2 using a digital scale. 3. Coat the meat with cure and spices. Rest for two weeks in the fridge either in a vacuum barrier bag or in a Ziplock bag to cure. 4. After two weeks, rinse off the cure. Apply UMAi Dry® per the illustrated instructions. Make sure the meat is really moist to give the UMAi...

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Dry Aged Steak -

  Here is how UMAi Dry® allows you to create the ultimate dry aged steak: 1. Select a well-marbled sub-primal cut of beef (full ribeye, striploin or sirloin). Meat should be in original processor packaging whenever possible. Untrimmed, untouched beef produces optimal dry aging results. 2. Apply UMAi Dry to gooey, moist meat. This "meat glue" is essential for the UMAi Dry® membrane to bond with the surface. You can either vacuum seal or use the immersion method for creating good contact. Air pockets do not pose a risk. UMAi Dry is not a vacuum bag--it allows for moisture and oxygen exchange. 3. Place...

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